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Vmeet-Pro was Selected by TNI Headquarters (Cilangkap) for Video Conference with all KODAM

Jakarta, 23 August 2015 – Vmeet-Pro was selected by TNI Headquarters (Cilangkap) to support video conferencing with VPN IP network of Telkom | TNI Headquarters (Cilangkap) needs a new video conference system that can support audio visual communication with the entire military command in Indonesia (KODAM).

The new video conference should provide excellent quality, high capacity of users, and low bandwidth consumption to reduce the operational cost. After several test and POC process, on 23rd August 2015, Deputy Commander Satkomlek finally chooses Vmeet-Pro as the latest video conferencing system to be used at the TNI Headquarters (Cilangkap) and connected to all KODAM in Indonesia.

Differences Vmeet-Pro with the previous version.

Unlike the previous video conferencing using VSAT, Vmeet Pro will use the VPN IP network of Telkom. Easier and simple to use. Besides, Low bandwidth consumption, excellent audio videoquality, andhigh number of users(up to 200 participants), become the main competitiveness of Vmeet-Pro.

Vmeet-Pro dipilih oleh Mabes TNI Cilangkap untuk mendukung video conference dengan jaringan VPN IP Telkom | Kodam 4-1

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