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Its about innovative virtual meeting that speed the decision and work progress, at the most effective and efficient way.

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More and more corporate and government clients are using Vmeet Pro video conference to support long distance meeting and discussion.

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Vmeet Pro client application is available on Windows operating system, Android, and IOS platform. Click here to get the latest Vmeet Pro application

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vmeet video conference aplikasi dari softfoundry

Years ago, when people talked about video conference, it would be a complex system, costly, and high operational cost too. Besides, the video had a lack of quality, delay, and complicated way to do sharing. Only high enterprise corporations afford to acquire and run video conference system to connect multiple branches.  Now, by the advance compression technology provided by Softfoundry International Pte Ltd, Vmeet-Pro presents a high quality video conference for meeting, discussion, collaboration, knowledge sharing (e-learning), seminar, and any other functions, under the most competitive price. Vmeet-Pro allows us to use a simple hardware, such as PC desktop, notebook, windows table, and even android/IOS based mobile device to do conference, up to 81 (eightyone) users in a group of conference. More info

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