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Its not just about the video conference

Its about the innovation that presents a meeting, knowledge sharing, and collaboration from a distance, at the most efficient way.



Vmeet-Pro video conference technology was introduced by Softfoundry International Pte Ltd, a Singapore company that has research lab in Shanghai and Vietnam. Supported by multi national branches and representatives, such as Taiwan, Vietnam, China, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia, Softfoundry created a proprietary video compression protocol, SFDV (Softfoundry digital video), allowing a low bandwidth media used for high quality video conference.

Softfoundry International Pte Ltd (www.softfoundry.com) is dedicated to the development of new generation Carrier Class Multi-HD Green-Tech communication. Based on Patented advanced video communication technology supporting multi-HD, multi-codec, multi-applications carrier-class platform, Softfoundry is the world class leader for High Definition Telepresence and Collaboration solutions for the managed and secured network used in Governments, enterprises, financial/insurance, healthcare, education, carriers and ISP.

Softfoundry latest Vmeet Telepresence series of products are compatible to the most of the hardware based Video communication products in the world while providing customers with a logical upgrade path, to much more capability and capacity, more flexible and more reasonable in costs.

Furthermore, Softfoundry has expanded this new multi-HD platform to the new Frontier of advanced surveillance, digital content for distant learning, e-Healthcare, collaboration in unified communication, and mobile office, over the 4G/3G/WIMAX/WIFI wireless network, which can help mankind in reducing carbon, increasing efficiency, improving learning and care, together for the future ultimate dream of paperless and mobile office. Vmeet HD Telepresence and Collaboration Solutions make organization and individual professional ore effective, productive and profitable. Softfoundry will continue this relentless drive for advancing the state-of-the-art Green Communication Technology for benefiting the future world.

For Indonesia market, Softfoundry is represented by a local company, PT. Inovasi Telematika Nusantara, providing unique solution in premises and managed services (SaaS) model. Founded by early 2014, Inovasi Telematika Nusantara provides a comprehensive conference solution based on customer perspective. For Government purpose, Inovasi creates Online seminar teleconference, allowing the ICT community and some regional institutions to get knowledge sharing from the expert from a distance. For Enterprise purpose, Inovasi Telematika Nusantara explore the detail of customer requirement and behavior, especially on devices and supporting tools, to perform the meeting over vmeet conference at the most optimal condition, due to the available budget. While for SME corporation, Inovasi create an effective and efficient conference model through SaaS (software as a service), allowing customers to have a conference without high investment in advance.

Inovasi Telematika Nusantara, by the support from Softfoundry International, provides the best products at the most competitive price, and after sales support, to assure that Vmeet conference may run as well as expected and meet client requirement optimally.

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