Vmeet Pro Product and Service

Vmeet-Pro video conference product is provided at 2 (two) models, such as Premises application product and SaaS service (Software as a Service). Both products and services are provided by PT. Inovasi Telematika Nusantara, under the strong support from Softfoundry International Pte Ltd, to present the best quality video Conference products and service at customer site.

Vmeet-Pro, as Premises application Products
Provides VFON 1000 5 in 1 Server Application and Vmeet-Pro client application. VFON 1000 5 in 1 application consists of integrated 5 (five) applications, such as Web, Database, Proxy, MCU, and VFON application. This server application will be hosted in a single server under windows platform, with minimum spec of Intel Core i7, 16 GB DDR3 1600 Mhz, 1 TB HDD, and Dual LAN Card. While the client application will be hosted in client device, such as PC desktop, notebook, and windows tablet. The hardware requirement of Vmeet-Pro Client application should have the specification, minimum at Intel Core i3, 4 GB DDR3, 500 GB HDD, Dedicated VGA Card 1 GB. The Price of Vmeet Premise product would be determined by the number of Vmeet Pro user license.

Premises provides a full control on user authority and conference room management, through the conference rule and policy. The security would be at the most optimum condition, as the server is hosted in customer data center. Besides, customer may get the most optimum condition and best performance of conference, by managing user authority and limitation, conference room, and conference mode (one to many, many to many, streaming). Premises model will be mostly used by Government and High end Enterprise, where the security runs on the optimal condition and customer takes the full control on the user database and conference policy. The cost of Vmeet-Pro premises model will depend on the user number (license) that access and run Vmeet-Pro video conference.

Vmeet-Pro, asSaaS (Software as a service) Service
Provides the video conference application based onmonthly Service. Customer does not need to invest the Vmeet server application, as the server will be provided by Inovasi Telematika through cloud computing model and the video Conference Service would be provided through public internet access.This Vmeet monthly Service will be oriented for the SME customers that expect a good performance video conference, but low investment cost and simple management. This Vmeet model offers an effective video conference solution at the efficient cost (based on user numbers) and less complex system at customer site.

Vmeet also has an integrated mobile application, called Momeet (mobile meeting). Momeet allows user to access the video conference through mobile device, such as smartphone and tablet (Windows, Android, and Iphone/Ipad series). For premises model, we should add VSIP-1 Server, running under Ubuntu/Linux platform. For SaaS model, we may provide the momeet application, based on request and certain condition.

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