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What is the difference between Vmeet-Pro Premises and Vmeet-Pro SaaS model ?

Vmeet-Pro Premises model will appear as the application product, purchased by the client, and hosted at the client server data center. While Vmeet-Pro SaaS model appears as the application service, hosted at Inovasi telematika data center, and lets clients to access video conference, by using public Internet access.

Vmeet-Pro Premises model allows us to control all users identity, authority, and meeting room policy, through the user management in the server application. This feature will let the administrator takes the full control of the video conference system and choose the best model for conference. Besides, security factor often becomes the crucial issue for many corporations and they choose Premises model as they can use Vmeet-Pro under their own policy, regulation, and control. Vmeet-Pro with SaaS model can’t do this job. But Vmeet-Pro SaaS user still can change the password, becomes the moderator, and control the conference. So, the crucial difference is about full control of the Vmeet-Pro server as the Vmeet-Pro server stays in client data center.

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