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Bank BTPN Entrust Vmeet-Pro for Video Conference Communication with Branches

Bank BTPN mempercayakan Vmeet-Pro untuk komunikasi video conference antar cabang

After conducting in-depth analysis of a number of applications and video conference device for 6 (six) months, ended in June 2016, BTPN decided to use Vmeet-Pro video conference to promote communication with all branches in Indonesia. Beside saving bandwidth, another important consideration is ease of use and capability of Vmeet-Pro to facilitate video conference up to 200 participants. In addition, the mobile conference app, Momeet, which is already inside the conference package, provides strong added value and allows video conference with a number of branches by mobile.

Bank BTPN also provides the 4G LTE modem devices to branches, allowing effective video communication at efficient operational cost. Congratulations to BTPN and hope that Vmeet-Pro may become an effective and efficient communication tool, to support coordination and consolidation with branches.

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