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Bank BNI Surabaya

Bank BNI is one of top 5 biggest bank in Indonesia and Surabaya is the 2nd biggest city in Indonesia. As the capital city of East Java province, Surabaya plays a dominant role of economy growth in east Indonesia and there are thousands of enterprise corporations and millions of small medium companies run the business in East Java. Bank BNI, as government bank, has a strong positioning in financial instruments and market here.

Bank BNI Surabaya has 16 branches all over East Java, covering branches in districts. They have a video conference to support communication with headquarter in Jakarta, but not for the branches. After exploring for few months, Bank BNI Surabaya decides to use Vmeet-pro to support the video conference communication with all branches. Compared with existing video conference tool they have, Vmeet-pro even presents more benefits, such as using public internet as cost saving media, simple desktop/notebook as end point terminal, low bandwidth requirement, and large capacity of conference.

Now they just need to do “2 click” to start conference and have a meeting with branches. Fast and easy to do coordination and share the information and knowledge. Vmeet-pro brings the world class benefit to Bank BNI Surabaya under low operational cost.

bank-bni-surabaya-menggunakan-vmeet-pro bank-bni-surabaya-menggunakan-vmeet-pro(2) bank-bni-surabaya-menggunakan-vmeet-pro(3)


Bank BTPN is one of the fastest growing Bank company in Indonesia and focuses on providing credit to small medium companies to all provinces. They have more than 1000 branches in Indonesia to support financing service. 2 (two) years ago, as the business grew very fast and some top management officers should travel frequently, they started to explore the effective and efficient video conferencing tool. A high frequent business trip to support branches operation need a high trip cost, time, and effort. A lot of productive time is wasted in the travelling.

They explore so many video conference tools including appliances and applications. But finally they made the decision to use Vmeet-pro by mid last year as we provide a world class video conference application with rich features but low cost in investment and operational cost. Moreover, many branches stayed far away from Jakarta and the internet infrastructure and bandwidth is very limited. Vmeet-pro is the best video conferencing tool when we consider the quality, simplicity, and efficiency.

Now, vmeet-pro is not used by the sales management, but also the IT department, HR, and some other divisions of Bank BTPN.

penggunaan vmeet pro oleh bank BTPN penggunaan vmeet pro oleh bank BTPN (2) penggunaan vmeet pro oleh bank BTPN (3) penggunaan vmeet pro oleh bank BTPN (4) penggunaan vmeet pro oleh bank BTPN (5)

Bank BRI Agro

Bank BRI Agro is a part of Bank BRI (the largest micro banking in Indonesia with >10,000 work units/branches) that focus on Agriculture industry. In the process of serving many big corporations in regions, Bank BRI Agro needs video conference application that supports prime quality long distance real time communication, stable and secure, at the most efficient cost. Vmeet-pro brings a clear video communication with enterprise features but consuming low bandwidth public internet, so it can reach long distance area, even rural places. BRI Agro can have a meeting anytime with all branches without worry of high operational cost (media/network).

bank bri agro kerjasama dengan vmeet pro indonesia

PLN Distribution of East Java

Coordination meeting is very important to assure the distribution and quality level of corporation products/services. PLN Distribution of East Java is a part of PLN Indonesia, the government power plant company, and focus on the marketing and distribution of electricity in region of East Java. There are a lot of regions which do not have a stable and prime quality network in East Java. Vmeet-pro comes and brings the clear video communication under low bandwidth environment, with a lot of enterprise features, and still maintaining the security of communication. At the moment, PLN Distribution of East has a regular meeting every week over Vmeet-pro video conference, to do a better coordination and improve the service level quality.

kerjasama vmeet pro indonesia dengan PLN


Agriculture Department, West Java

West Java has the biggest agriculture area and farmers in Indonesia, spread in 5300 villages at 18 district government. Vmeet-pro video conference is required, not only supporting coordination meeting among government staffs, but also interaction and supervising to the farmers. They need not just the best seed and tool, but information technology and communication as well. As the public internet infrastructure grows up and reach rural and villages, government has the capability to improve the economy of farmers, by having more actual data directly from the villages, and do coordination with the farmers, through video conference.

Vmeet-pro is the best choice of video conference application that can be used in the rural area of West Java. Low bandwidth, ease of use/simplicity but rich features, low cost of operation but high scalability (can support up to 300 users in a group of conference), and presentation sharing, allow farmers to get close to the government and farmers from other regions, to get knowledge sharing and better coordination for the government support and assistance.

kerjasama agri culture indonesia dengan vmeet kerjasama agri culture indonesia dengan vmeet (2)


Bank BNI Denpasar

Bank BNI Denpasar, as part of Bank BNI corporation in Indonesia, represents BNI Branches in province of Bali, Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB), and Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT). The need of coordination and consolidation to support banking operation, including marketing, system support, and finance is getting increased day to day. Moreover, the area covered is far away from the head office in Denpasar, Bali.

After doing testing of several products, finally BNI Denpasar select Vmeet-pro video conference, as BNI Surabaya did. Based on the reference of BNI Surabaya, Vmeet-pro video conference provides clear picture and motion, but still maintains a low bandwidth and efficient cost. Just plug in the notebook into internet access and login to the vmeet-pro server, BNI Denpasar can do conference with other branches anytime without worry of high cost of branch meeting (travelling cost).

bank bni denpasar teleconference menggunakan vmeet


National Traffic PoliceDept (Korlantas)

Korlantas is a national police department who handles the traffic management, including monitoring, guidance, and onsite traffic management.There are thousands of traffic polices on the street, guiding and control the traffic at all cities of Indonesia. Since the street traffic becomes more crowded year by year, especially on morning/evening and public holidays, the role of Korlantas becomes very crucial nowadays. Korlantas should monitor, guide, control, and manage the traffic for the whole year, day by day continuously, including public holidays.

Traffic monitoring is very important and crucial part. Korlantas has NTMC (national traffic monitoring control) at the headquarter and RTMC (regional traffic monitoring control) at provinces. This 2 (two) systems should coordinate for the traffic management and control how the traffic light and direction of the traffic route when it goes crowded. Most strategic decisions about traffic management are taken in this NTMC and RTMC systems, and applied on the street traffic control system.

Applying traditional CCTV and radio communication only with onsite traffic police, is not enough to cover and anticipate the situation, especially if there is an accident or very crowded situation. Vmeet-pro helps NTMC and RTMC to do video conference with onsite police by mobile and see the whole picture of situation. Onsite police just bring the mobile smartphone (with installed Vmeet-pro/ momeet application), connect to Vmeet-pro server through public internet, and capture the whole onsite motion and picture, and he also can report the situation at the same time. Meanwhile, NTMC/RTMC can record the video conference communication with onsite police anytime.

Vmeet-pro also allows NTMC and RTMC connect to the onsite polices at several areas at the same time. So, coordination between NTMC, RTMC, and onsite traffic polices run better and more optimal, by having the clear picture of traffic situation onsite, at the real time basis.

Vmeet-pro will be installed at Korlantas (headquarter) and some Polda (regional police) to support a better communication with onsite police, monitoring and traffic management in some big cities of Indonesia.

korlantas indonesia memantau dengan vmeet pro korlantas indonesia memantau dengan vmeet pro (2)

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