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Vmeet-Pro was Launched by The West Java Police

Bandung, 2015 December 29, Vmeet-Pro was launched by the West Java Police | As a government institution that monitors and controls the traffic in West Java region, West Java Police Dirlantas needs a new advance system that can monitor traffic and do discussion with the traffic police on the street, at the same time.

Vmeet-Pro can facilitate video conferencing over mobile devices, with up to 15 persons at different sites altogether. The head of Dirlantas can monitor traffic, talk with police on site, share the information, see the real situation, and take a strategic decision easier and faster to anticipate the traffic, by direct monitoring and coordination through Vmeet-Pro.


Bandung, 29 Desember 2015, Vmeet-Pro diluncurkan oleh Polda Jawa Barat |kakorlantas-polri-1

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