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Digital Communication Trend at The Future

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We are living in the digital age, where people use any digital devices to support daily activities. Smartphone is not only the communication device, but part of fashion and people tends to use it as the pride. The function of smartphone has been developed far away from basic nowadays. We use smartphone to do many other advance functions, such as camera, social network, e-commerce transaction, office utility functions, education, entertainment, and meeting place. Smartphone has changed the way people do daily social activities, living, and business.

Communication, business, education, and entertainment start to use and optimize the video to improve. We see that youtube.com is used by many people to search information, getting tutorial (education), and entertainment. While more education sector optimizes video through e-learning, in school, university, private course, and corporate training. More people use video conference, to support any communication, such as family, social network, small medium business (SME/UKM), and enterprise business.




Why video communication? Its more excited to see when we interact with people. Education is also more interesting when we can do combined offline teaching and online real time video conference with the teacher/lecturer. Saving time, cost, effort, and space for education, while providing flexibility for both teacher and students.

Video conference, mobile device, broadband internet, communication apps, social network, education, business and social apps, and digital entertainment content/apps are the new instruments of digital life. They are integrated each other and improve the way people do the business and social living activities.

More business people will use video conference to support better and faster communication with branches and staffs. Video conference becomes crucial requirement at the future as we need to speed up the communication, coordination, and collaboration with branches and staffs, to stay on global the competition. The faster we meet, share, and discuss ideas, the faster decision should be taken, the faster the execution is, and the faster result we can get.

At the future, people tend to use mobile more, need high speed internet, connect to all people around by any communication, do the mobile meeting anywhere anytime, and do learning from integrated sources. Digital would improve the way people think, act, communicate, and execute it, faster and easier.

Vmeet-Pro video conference provides the video conference through desktop and mobile, at the simplest and easiest way, by the most efficient cost. Making virtual meeting with 50 people will be done within <15 minutes preparation. Doing virtual presentation is so easy to do and anyone can share any presentation material from any location. And one important thing is, we can do it under very efficient cost, without specific tools. Just use simple notebook or PC desktop with integrated camera and audio. We can invite 50 users through virtual meeting at mobile and ready to talk with them by 2-3 minutes after.

Digital living will improve the way we do most of things. And the role of video communication becomes more important as it saves a lot of cost, time, effort, and improve productivity.

Gunawan Zuardi, Swiss German University lecturer, May 2016

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