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An Appropriate Video Conference Model for Enterprise


Some people still ask, what kind of video conference model which is appropriate for the enterprise business. Will the expensive branded product meet the requirement and condition of enterprise company?

Saving investment and operational cost should be part of important parameter to choose the right model. The ideal video conference for enterprise, should accommodate the global security standard (such as AES 256 bit), clear audio, excellent and clear quality of video/picture, high scalability (big user number capacity), user friendly system, and cost efficiency (initial and operational cost). So, the video conference model required should have world class conference features, but still run at the most efficient cost.

Video conference is not a very expensive product/application anymore, nowadays. For small medium enterprise (SME) company that focuses on system simplicity, ease of coordination & collaboration, and mobility, Vmeet-pro video conference application simply offers a managed service model (SaaS), under cloud basis, starting from Rp 1 million/month (includes 5 users, excludes government tax). Vmeet-pro with low bandwidth requirement allows SME business player to do conference, discussion, collaboration, and coordination meeting with staffs, altogether at few locations, anytime and anywhere.

Vmeet-pro also presents video conferencing with flexible tools, such as common notebook, desktop PC, tablet, and smartphone. It may cover conference up to 200 users by using PC desktop/notebook and 9 users by using tablet/smartphone, with common public internet (3G/4G) or VPN IP (for high secure communication).

For Enterprise company that focuses on centralized system and enhanced security by having own video conference server (MCU server), Vmeet-pro offers premises model that allows customer to run their own MCU server at their data center. The advantage of this premises model is enhanced security (managed by the client), comprehensive management policy (meeting room, user level, authority), and more flexible operation. For enterprise more than 100 users, it would be suggested to have premise model, as it provides easier management of big user number.

So, what is the key parameter of enterprise video conference?

As mentioned above, clear audio video quality, world class features (such as presentation sharing with user management), low bandwidth requirement, and security would be the key parameter to support the optimum video conference operation in enterprise business. Nowadays, low bandwidth requirement, as offered by Vmeet-pro (started from 50 kbps), becomes a crucial key, as it can cover the remote area which has limited bandwidth infrastructure.

So, the new model of video conference for enterprise is not only providing the clear audio video quality, but also low bandwidth, presentation sharing with user policy/ management (meeting room & user group policy, user control, moderator, presenter, observer), and may run under public internet network (low cost) with security.


Bagi perusahaan Enterprise yang mengedepankan unsur keamanan terpusat dengan penempatan perangkat server di data center masing-masing, tentunya pengadaan video conference berbasis premises atau investasi sistem, merupakan pilihan yang ideal. Model premises seperti ini mempunyai kelebihan dalam hal security yang lebih optimal dan penanganan administrasi sistem video conference yang lebih komprehensif. Pengaturan otoritas user/pengguna, meeting room, dan policy dalam melakukan video conference akan lebih mudah dengan pengadaan sistem berbasis premises.

Apa kunci dari kebutuhan Enterprise terhadap video conference? gambar_pro_2Bandwidth rendah menjadi faktor penting mengingat Enterprise mempunyai jaringan cabang yang cukup banyak di seluruh Indonesia dan sejumlah staf yang mobile. Faktor bandwidth akan memudahkan koordinasi dan komunikasi dengan kantor-kantor cabang, khususnya di daerah-daerah tertentu yang masih mengalami kendala infrastruktur. Aplikasi Vmeet-Pro menjadi salah satu pilihan yang layak dipertimbangkan mengingat penggunaan bandwidth koneksi internet yang rendah, mulai dari 100 kbps per user.

Gunawan Zuardi, Direktur PT. Inovasi Telematika Nusantara, Mei 2016

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