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Should SME Business Player Need Video Conference?


Some people said that video conference is an expensive product with high bandwidth requirement, so SME business player cannot afford to purchase it. There are some video conference application alternatives for SME, such as social network video conference, as offered by Skype, Line, Whatsapp, etc. But there is no SLA (service level agreement) so the quality of video conference varies due to the bandwidth availability and concurrent usage at the same time. Based on experience, by this social network video conference, we also still need high bandwidth to support conference with multisite persons. Unfortunately, SME business player (UKM) has a limited budget to pay the cost of internet bandwidth.

For some conditions, growing SME (UKM) players should act fast, so they may really need video conference to do effective coordination with many branches. They may save cost, time, and effort through online and real time meeting. They also can share the knowledge and experience faster and easier, without having traditional meeting. Moreover, they can do coordination and collaboration over mobile, so they can do it anytime they want.

Currently, there are many SME business players growing fast as they have more flexibility to win the business, rather than enterprise companies. Once they grow big, they may need more resources and ICT tools to support the business, as they need to be more efficient. To support this requirement, Vmeet-Pro presents the cloud based video conference, started from Rp. 1 million per month (incl 5 users, excl Tax). No investment required, unless using the existing PC desktop, notebook, tablet/smartphone with public internet access service. Just use the common notebook with built in camera and audio, and 4G public internet speed, user can do conference with 30-40 users anywhere.


By this efficient cost, the owner of SME business can do effective meeting anytime, anywhere, on desktop and mobile basis. They can save time, effort, and cost, and take decision faster and easier. They can share the idea, explore it with the staffs, and execute it soon, on mobile basis.

So, should SME business player need video conference? When they grow and need effective communication tools under efficient cost, they may need Vmeet-Pro to improve the way they do the communication with the staffs and branches.

Gunawan Zuardi, Swiss German University Lecturer, May 2016

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